Sunday, April 5, 2009


I was once lost but now I found out that the true meaning to live is to stay happy. There are the days where I am happy, there are also the days where I am down. God doesn't create us perfectly but all we have to do is to strive and make it perfect. Sometimes, I felt that I'm being selfish and that's the reason friends are running away from me. Thank God that I have a bunch of friends who love me, accept my weakness and willing to forgive me.

I used to criticise people who are short, fat and ugly but as day goes by, I slowly realized that outlook appearance is not the most important. What most important is our inner beauty. The ways we treat people who are less fortunate. Show love and care to them so that they feel people surrounding them are always there for them whenever they're facing any problems. Talking about problems, we do have problems in our everyday life. We must stand firm and be confident to show that there are solutions for every problems. Live life happily. By living a happy life, we must eat healthy. A healthy lifestyle makes things go smoothly because we have a healthy body and nice body shape. Haha..

I do pamper myself with things that I crave. For example, Starbucks coffee, Coffee Bean, Japanese dessert and things that I seldom buy. This is to award myself for being a good girl.. Honestly, I am born to be a caring person. I care for everyone around me. And of course I have a lovely family who always supports me and encourages me when I'm down. Especially my parents and my love ones.

Leave each day as it comes,
Do not even think about tomorrow,
There may not be a tomorrow!!!

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