Tuesday, June 24, 2008

* Leo 35th Anniversary *

...SMK Datok Lokman Leo Anniversary 2008 at Maluri Hotel...

...These are the committee members...

Sherleen *me* and Vania baby

Sam, oppss forgotten what's the guy's name and Sherleen.

Sherleen, Yoon Jien from KDU - people says that he is weird, Samantha

Hoong Jie and Sherleen *Me*

Sherleen *Me* and Sam, my honey

The Hip Hop dancers...

Samantha baby and i performing a song - Wanna be by spice girls

Sherleen *me* and Joseph, mojojojojo

Me and Samantha together with other
Leo's Presidents from other school and college.

The fantastic 4

Once again, the committee members.

I love all of you very very much!


....Time for punishment...

Monday, June 9, 2008


This is my name
* Sherleen*
* Smart *
* Happy *
* Easy going *
* Reliable *
* Lovely *
* Encouraging *
* Energetic *
* Nice *
* GIRL! *
What's yours???

Saturday, June 7, 2008

ROCK camp 2008 - D!v3 In ! !!!

2 days after 4days 3nights camp, i'm SICK! I'm having sore throat, fever, cough and also flu. I enjoyed the camp very much althogh this time they concentrate more on the message and not on games but i had fun. Had fun with God, friends and fellowship.

I'm very excited and I can't wait to see my long lost friends again!!! Everyone around us was excited too. Especially Ann Sin, she was laughing the whole day, maybe she's too excited. Hahahahhah.... We depart around 1 o'clock from KLBC to Port Dickson, Golden Sand Assembly. When we reached there, Alvin, Jia Huei, Yi Hueih, Pastor Eddie, Amos Oh, Joseph Lam and Ashley were there waiting for us. It is fun going out with friends. The theme for this year's camp is 'Dive In'. Sounds like getting wet all the time right? This is the Golden Sand Assembly, Port Dickson. My dorm mates are Amanda Chay, Lim Yi Hueih and Charis Chan. Our dorm has 2 beds, double-decker. At first, i wanted to sleep at the bottem deck but Yi Hueih said she'll wake up early and come back late cause she's a committee. So i shift to the upper deck. It's kinda scary cause first time sleep at the upper deck. The bed is a bit shaky~~ The first night was very very very COLD and we do not have blanket, we forced to use the bedsheet as a blanket! I was ~FREEZING~ the whole night and i couldn't sleep and i did NOT sleep. Gosh! The first night was torturing man~~~ I look like a PANDA, next day. hahahahha

Guess what were we doing in this photo? .......... Don't know?

Let me tell you. They are my group members. We were decorating our group 'float'. The name for my group is 'BARQUE'! Nice name uh? The BARQUE members are Joseph Wee our BARQUE leader, Kevin Lim the youngest BARQUE member, Tricia Chin the strongest BARQUE member, Sherleen the clumsiest BARQUE member, Xin Huang the most talkative BARQUE member, Venus Mae the most matured BARQUE member, Vincent Mah the assistant BARQUE leader, Winnie Chan the most supportive BARQUE member, Jonathan Loo the most intelligent BARQUE member, Amanda Wong the most cutest BARQUE member and last but not least Yeoh Yuan Nung the most sporting BARQUE member!

Let me tell you what i've learned in the camp....
The first thing i've learned is : How to make DECISIONS.
1. Distortion
  • Did God really say?

  • God commanded but Satan distorted.

  • The Distortion's of the truth is Satan's First Strategy.

  • The Consequences of disobedience.

i . Distorted Image of God.

ii. Distorted Image of himself - himself refers to Adam.

iii. Distorted Image of others.


1. Uncompromised devotion to God's Word

2. Unrestrained desperation for God's Kingdom and His Righteousness.

3. Unashamed declaration of the Gospel of Christ.


+!Talent Time!+

The one with red coloured face is Jonathan Loo. He acts as a Satan!
The one on the right with lots of leaves and brances is Vincent Mah. He acts as a Banana Tree..

This is Nicholas. Acts as Alvin Kook, not Alvin Kok.

Guess who is Kevin Kumar acting? Don't know?

Do you know who is he? Joseph Wee? NOononooooo...

He is Pastor Daniel Number 2! All of you take out your bible and say This is my Bible.................................................... for those who agree with me says AMEN!

@ Worship @

@ Session @

$ ~My Girl Friends~ $

!!!!! Game Time !!!!!