Monday, April 28, 2008

Friendly Coffin


You might be dedicated to recycling and using altrernative energy and in every respect lead a blameless, eco-friendly life - but did you know your death is capable of generating about 300kg of CO2? That's assuming you get cremated, which is the popular thing to do. Just as unsound is the fact that your coffin could well be made of plywood from illegally logged trees, according to Yukihiro Masuda, project manager of Tri-Wall KK, a Tokyo based packaging-materials company. His team has therefore come up with a green alternative - a coffin made from strong, three-layered cardboard produced from sustainable trees and held together with natural, starch-based glue. The 15kg coffin has the look and feel of its wooden counerpart, supports a 200kg body and requires half the energy for combustin compared to an ordinary coffin, resulting in just a thirdof the hazardous gas emissions. For each coffin purchased, Tri-Wall KK plants 10 trees in a national reserve in Mongolia. Masuda calculates that in 20 years those trees will have absorbed about 60% of the CO2 from a typical funeral.

Not all Japanese are taken with a cardboard coffin. Midori Kotani of the Daiichi Life Research Institute says that people 'will most likely go for [traditional wood coffins] over papermade.' Still, Tri-Wall KK's sales 2000 green coffins were shipped in 2007 - are slowly increasing. 'We receive calls from environmentally conscious people who say they'd like one for themselves,' Masuda says. "It has become a lifestyle choice." In society where 99.8% of the dead are cremated, there is plenty of room for growth, at any rate. - reported by Yuki Oda

Monday, April 14, 2008

10 Checklist...

How Do I Know If I Am Ready To Date?

1. Studies ok! *It's a must*
2. Permission
3. Curfew
4. Responsible
5. Finance *You will not wish to see your lover worried about your financial problem*
6. Physical boundaries
7. Self-control
8. Accountability
9. What is your focus? Partner or God?
10. Ready for marriage?

14th of April

Yeah!!! It's a holiday... Although it's a holiday but i'm not in a holiday mood. Tonnes of homework lying a my study table waiting for me to fill up the blanks. I woke up at 8.30am without using the alarm clock. Good... Mum is not around, thought of switching on the computer BUT i can't do it. I've promised myself that i have to finish up all my homework before i switch on the 'square box'. But i couldn't control myself, my mind had controlled me. my aunt switched on the computer early in the morning. After she went out, i started to online. At first, i wanted to just check mail but now.... I'm writing blog. Oh NO! What am i on earth is doing now? It's okay. This will be my last time to write blog before finished up my homework. i MEAN it!!!

Last Thursday, i went to Cochrane Perkasa as an observant for debate. I met a lot of ex-primary schoolmates like: Sim yee ling - she's the first one that called me when she saw me, then i saw jia huei's ex-classmates, Su Ting, Ah Mong, Wai Kit, Sam and aiyo! The other one i forgotten what's their name. sorry ya guys.... Saw Daniel Mak there, me and Samantha keeps waving at him. But didn't notice us. Both of us waving like 'soh poh', we thought we see the wrong guy who looks like Daniel Mak because that guy we waved at is much taller, thinner and better looking. Could he be Daniel Mak? Then we bumped into him in the canteen. WOW! He is so good looking now, he looks different the last time i saw him. Me and Samantha walked around in that school. The school is very clean but not as cosy as my school, SMK Datok Lokman. I can hardly see a tree or a plant in their school. *Phew*

Their school toilet is big but kind of dirty. muahaha... or maybe is the colour of paiting and also the colour of the tiles. Oh No... Why am i talking about toilet. Cis! Next topic...

The debate was really cool... I love the way they debate. My school vs SMK Taman Connaught. We were the government and we lost. sigh.... The debate ends at around 1 o'clock. It was raining. I'm stuck in the school so i called my mom to pick me up after work. I stayed back to teach 'fan dance' for Anugerah Cemerlang event. It's my first time teaching and first time choreographing a tradisional dance. Kinda tough, thanks for my mom's helping. She did gave me a lot of ideas. Thank you very much Mi.. Love you... You're the best mom that i ever had. Errr.... For your info, i have only one mom and she's my mom!

Friday is the rehearsal... and the dancers still not sure with their steps. Makes me worry... *Faint* I received a lot of compliments about the dance. Thank you girls for performing so well. You guys did a very goood job. Keep it up.... Last but not least, i wanna thank God that he gave me this gift. Love you GOD! muakss...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


This is what is it in Kuala Lumpur on 2nd of April. Scary uh? But don't you think this is cool? haha...