Sunday, March 30, 2008

30th of March 2008

It's fifth Sunday, ROCKers take over the worship session. yeah!! First time worshiping in church, main sanctuary, on stage. Very excited... I woke up at around 6.30am. Have to wake up early cause Alvin informed us that there will be road block at Bukit Bintang area for marathon. People were participating in the programme, i'm glad to see that they have the spirit in participating in this programme. GOOD! Malaysia Boleh! Hundreds of people were there.

Reached church at around 8.05am. I was 5minutes late. Alvin, the worship leader was late as well. heehehe.... Before we start our jaming we have a word of prayer with other ROCKers at a corner. Worship session starts at 9.35am, everyone was really excited. Everything went on smoothly. I was kind of nervous and worried when it is time for special item cause me and Sharon Chua duet and it is not well prepare. Thank God that it was good. Hear lots of compliments. Thanks you very much... I'll work harder to improve more. Today's message was touching, romantic, special and surprise. All the couples who already married were invited to the front of the stage. Most of them hugged together. So loving and romantic. The funniest part is, Jia Huei told me that she feels like getting married now. hhahahhha.. You're too young girl.

The service ends at 11.05am, all of us went to 'Ah Bou' coffee shop for lunch. Caleb Choong kept insulting me and Jia Huei. Pity both of us. *sigh*. Anyway, we've used to it. hahaha... We went to the church's library since we have no idea where we should hang out while waiting for our parents. We were there playing UNO, talked non-sense, did some cutting and yea... went there just to waste our time. Time wasted really fast. It was finally 1 o'clock. We went home after that.

It's homework time.... and time for me to sleep.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Feels like giving up my everything but i CAN'T!

I can't just give up and let go easily... I have to fight for my right, fight for myself... Why am i on earth suffering like this? A second before i was really really happy and now.... (sigh) I wish that i could hide myself in a quiet place. I want peace! Things are going worst nowadays. I can't take it anymore. This will be my only way to express myself BUT it will make just make me happy for just a moment. Parents are busy with their own stuffs. Didn't see and talk to my dad for long time. Mom always grumble and compare other people with me. Why do parents love to compare their own children with other people? This question will never have answer to me... Can't they just leave us alone? It is 10.00pm now. Force to offline and stop here cause mom is coming back from Care Group.
~To Be Continued~

Pray that all the sad moments will fade away by itself...

*tears dropping...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Genting Highland

Went to Genting Highland on 13th of February...

In the bus, on the way to Genting..

In the Cable Car, mummy was afraid of height. Hahaha...

First World Hotel...
This 'Choi Sun Ye' very cute...

I love this swing very much...

Took this photo after playing flying swing...

Hey! Look at me. Don't look at the fatty guy...

Guess what? I'm the one who drive this little cute mini truck...

Rock Climbing...

Me and my mom saw my aunt's boyfriend proposed to her when we were riding on this Italy "boat"...

Chinese New Year Performance

First time performing Fan Dance..
Kinda Nervous~~ but it was succesful.

From the left : Sherleen *Me*, Jia Huei, Jessie and Alesa...

~Went to Sakae at Pavilion for lunch after Chinese New Year Performance~
Me and my mom spent 15mins to find out how to order by using the monitor behind us. We were finding where is the mouse then one of the waiter came to us and told us that it is a touch screen monitor. Kinda embarrassed... ^^

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Friends..

Suvitha, Pashen and I... School canteen...

The Prefects.....
Me and Suanne, the one who represent Malaysia and got lots of Gold medals in Badminton...

Leng Lui Soo Pin and Sherleen (me)..

Kung Fu fighting with Wai Sin..... Jia Huei, Me and Titus from Sarawak...

Me and Yea-Ning at Coronade Hotel

Me and Samantha, the one who loves to sing. Berjaya Times Square...

Yvonne Lim and I in the van going to Malacca...
(Left): Yeen Hong, Ann Sin, Simon Ng, Sherleen *me*, Jia Huei and Wai Sin... at Port Dickson, Bayu Beach Resort...

Sherleen (me) & Jia Huei...

The dancers for Christmas Celebration at Lowyat....


What a great teacher you are.
Yet few of us elect to learn from you,
About life.
That is the essence of death's teaching,
Death is not an elective.
One day we all will take the class.
The wise students audit the class in early years
And find enlightenment.
they are prepared when graduation day comes.

Walk Of Fame by Jeff Vize

I'M NOT A MOVIE STAR, but I've played one abroad. Not that I know anything about acting but I just know what it's like to be famous; I was a celebrity for five days in Bangladesh.

If you've been to any developing nation, you've no doubt had the same experience - particularly if your skin colour is a few shades darker or lighter than the locally prevailing hue. But ethnicity isn't all that matters and you don't even have to appear on TV; you just need to step out of your hotel.

The fame conferred upon foreign travellers in Bangladesh is unique for its intensity. Visitors are rare, and a pale white tourist plodding around in Bermuda shorts is a sight to behold for average Bangladeshis. They stare.

Of course, people stare everywhere, whether it's polite Japan or rowdy India. Yet there is something slightly different about the Bangladeshi's stare. It's not the convertly stolen glance of a Tokyo train commuter, or even the leering gaze that a scantily lad Western woman might attract in India. It's a look of absolute shock: a slack-jawed, eye-popping, dry-tongued stare that starlets you as much as you've startled them. They're thinking, There is a foreigner on my street!

And it doesn't stop with the stare. A visiting foreigner here has the power to cause traffic jams as rickshaw and truck drivers slam on their brakes to have a look. Shopkeepers follow you down the street. Children abandon soccer games and huddle around, trying to touch you. I've entered a small shop and turned to find the exit blocked by 20 curious Bangladeshis. And another time, I was ambushed by a group of kids who led me by the hand to - voila! - another foreigner whom their friends had found some two blocks away. He was the only other foreign visitor I saw in five days.

I found all this attention charming at first, but I soon began to think twice about even leaving my hotel. so i developed some coping strategies. First of all, I figured out- never stop in the street to look at your guidebook. It'd be like dripping honey in an ant farm.

The second rule was to walk fast. People would still stare, but I'd pass them like a phantom - leaving them to discuss if I actually existed or not.

The third rule was to develop friendly yet slightly dismissive ways of acknowledging my fame. I had fun with this one. The easiest was the Princess Diana wave - a half turn of the hand at face level with a slightly demure smile. On more energetic days, I resorted to the Richard Nixon victory pose - arms above my head, fingers held up to signify the letter V - the kids loved that one. If I get surrounded, I turned local politician - hand extended for multiple handshakes and pats on the head. Finally, there was the simple head-nod. This wasn't as nice, but it worked when I was in a hurry, which was often.

My techniques worked well for the first few days; then they backfired spectacularly. The problem began with my visit to the Pink Palace, one of Dhaka's biggest tourist attractions. The palace gates were locked and my only exit was via a busy street packed with Bangladeshis surely waithing to pounce.

People were already staring and a few of them were taking cautions steps towards me. I slung my backpack over one sholder and did a Princess Di. A hundred heads turned in my direction.

"Hello!" a group of labourers called out in unison. "Hello!" I returned.
"Hello!" they repeated.
"I'm from America," I said.

That didn't satisfy them. They continued as I passed:"Hello!" "America!" "Hello!" "America!" Even for Bangladeshis standards, this was a bit bizarre. I heard footsteps following me. A dozen or so children were converging ahead as well. I picked up my pace and prepared to do a Richard Nixon.

The children reached me before the labourers did, and there were so many of them that I stopped. They too stopped a metre away from me while shouting and gesticulatingso vigorously that something must have been wrong. Their cries were a cocophony of "hello"s and "hey mister"s and instructions I couldn't understand. I had to keep moving. I continued forwards.

"No!" one of them finally shouted. The others were gesturing and pointing like a group of madmen.

"Hello!" I repeated.
The children erupted into laughter; this was evidently the funniest thing they had ever heard. Then one of the labourers arrived. "Mister!" he said, pointing at my feet. "No!"

I looked down.
I had spent the last hundred metres walking in wet cement. A trail of my footprints was visible all the way back to the gate.
Maybe I'm not cut out for fame.

You and Me

You have seen me at my worst-
and yet somehow, it never matters.
If anything, we just keep growing closer
the more painfully honest
we are with each other.
Thank you for putting up with me!
Only Friends will tell you the truths
you need to hear to make your life beatable.

Thank You....

When I say, thank you for your smile,
You say, pass it on.
When I say, thank you for your listening ear,
You say, do the same for another.
When I say, thank you for your encouragement,
You say, offer the same to someone else.
When I say, thank you for keeping my secret,
You say, do the same for someone else.
Your simple example and quiet wisdom
Have taught me generosity of spirit.
Thank you, I will follow your lead.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Everyone lives in a reality world. No one will always be lucky. Every moment that we have lived, is known as 'the past'. Everyone of us have our own sweet and bitter memories. Do think of the happy moments, the sad moment will automatically fade away.

No matter what happen, God will always be with us. He creates everyone of us differently. We will have some similarities among the human being but we will not have the same characteristics and interests all the time.

Love your neighbour as you love yourself.